Cancellation/ Refund Policy

In case the client/ customer cancel the contract at any stage S.S. Services Providers reserves the right to invoice for full payment for all services provided to date. If in the opinion of S.S. Services Providers the service has been commenced, then S.S. Services Providers may at its sole discretion require full payment of “the project”. Any disbursements made by S.S. Services Providers on the client’s behalf or contracted to be made are required for full payment within 7 days of invoice issue. In all cases of cancellation by the client a cancellation charge of 18% of the total contract value will be added to the client’s final account to cover all administration costs incurred in finalizing client accounts.Upon termination of the contract, the client shall nevertheless remain liable for all charges due or which would have been payable under this contract.


If the client enters into an contract (for example: Human Resources services, payroll services or any other service currently provided by S.S. Services Providers) with S.S. Services Providers payment will be required in advance at commencement of each contract. However, if the client wants to cancel at any time prior to the end of the natural contract term, then no refund will be available for any unused time remaining on the contract.


In case of recruitment/placement services, in order to submit the application for job, the fee charged shall in no case be refunded in case of non-selection of said candidate and the fee charges does not confirm any type of employment and it is mere an application.


We reserve the right to suspend services in any cases where clients fail to perform his/her obligations mentioned under our Terms and Conditions. If payment for services is not received within the terms of payment stipulated by us, then services may be suspended until full payment is confirmed.

Further, you may contact us in case of any query and assistance.